Predepart FAQ

  1. My Stats?
    GRE - 2160, AGRE - 80%ile TOEFL-610
    Acads-68% (top 10%).
  2. University I applied to and stuff?
    Univ Name Admit Aid
    NYU Y N
    U. Mass, Amherst N N
    Rice N N
    UC Irvine N N
    UC Santa cruz Y Y
    U Pitt Y Y
    UIUC N N
    Univ Of Utah N N
    Univ Of Virginia N N
    Univ Of Arizona Y N
  3. Why UCSC?
    The department is small but rapidly expanding. The research in field of Bioinfomatics, Systems, IP & Graphics is good. The department is picking up on networking.
    The place is near Silicon valley and in heart in activity of Silicon valley.
    It belongs to UC system and that gives it huge research and logistic leverage. More-over the climate is SUPERB!!!
  4. What are the average GRE scores & academics of people at UCSC?
    I abt 10-15% near my scores.
  5. How do you rate the university?
    Although unranked in US News and ranked 50 in NRC-94, the university deserves better ranking. Considering the expansion, research and the quality od graduate students makes it somewhere near the top 30's.
  6. I would like to know about the aid policy at the university. If so does it cover the full tuition and living expenses?
    A large number of graduate students are funded by the university. The funding is in form of moslty TA, GSRs and some fellowships with or without tution waiver. Usually funding is not a problem (now it is!) but this is highly speculative in the current state of economy.

Vaibhav Bhandari
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