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  • HomeWork 3
  • Programming Assignment 2 (c)
  • How do i setup tcsh as default shell?

    --To do this:

    1. telnet
    2. enter your login and password (your cats login/password)
    3. at the prompt type: chsh
    4. when prompted for new shell enter: tcsh
    5. logout
    It may take a few hours for the effect to propogate to your teach.ic and lab machine logins.

    When it takes (you can always force it by typing tcsh at the unix prompt), you can use the arrow keys to edit your command history. This can save a LOT of typing.

  • Here is the standard Java Class documentation.

  • Find Nitin's Java Resources here
  • Cool Things About Java
    1. Java messaging
    2. Ants
    3. Inheritance by Class class.

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