Hi vaibhav,

Hows  u?well  im sure u r doing well there, hmm so im here todae to make u bore,hey im with  a  long    mail which can make u bore,but anyways pleez try to read it .

Hmm vaib,I read  da  stuff abt 28th feb  train incident,and actually come to know tht wow new fresh blood of india is so zealouse and really detremined to do some more good than his ancestors.well u r absolutely rite,tht western media.electronic and print both are  chameleon  leechers , they r not sincere with us, though  pak is  on front line fite aginst terrorism but still we r suspected,in  eyes of western world and  india  also but I think the clashes we have india pak its lil different from others.

Well if people say in india tht gandhi g did a blunder,than my gosh they r absolutely wrong,in world poltical history I admire  3 persons and they are kamal ataturk from turkey ,and gandhi g,and mr jinah from pak,

 I read  lot of stuff abt gandhi g written by paki authors and they all admired him a gr8 human being,agr8 leader, but when some wrong decissions are taken under such leader ships,than it doesn’t mean tht he is wrong,means the advisors,the people who are giving him reports ,they shud be ritually honest,and im sorry t osay mr nehroo was the person who was never sincere with muslims,sikh and al other nations,he  isa perefct extremist we can say.(sorry yar)

Well the terrorism funda lol it  has taken all the world in his trance and its all b/c of   USA I must say.it seems tht us establishemnt is gone insane.

U know y pak  n india still underdevolping countries?eevry one knows  b/c of corrupt leaders on both sides. I hale to a political  and fuedal family. And I know them so good.well eevn my relatives are like this.

They hanker for money money and money, social values are just for female and still it also happens in india also. U know junaid mamoon resigned from foreign service,just b/c of beuro cracy,who interupts so much in offical matters, and  junaid mamoon is another version of my dada.and  u know his own brothers forced  him to leave the job.sad na.but …he is young  and regard of elders….made him weak.

And see terrorism in  india and pak on both sides b/c of different sects.  We both have orthodox , who  have hijacked our religion,tell me which religion  teaches tht u can kill  100s of people for no reason.

Just few months back my taya abbu died in aircrash  among him 17 briliant air force officers with air chief of staff also died in tht air accident,we know here tht it  was a pre planned accident,but no offical  report still here abt this.

And a month back a bomb explosion in a  commercial market and more than 300 people died,

And than on  a very crowded palce where people come for grocery , a bomb explosion and more than 250 poeople died.and some months abck in sherton karachi sucide bomb attacking,11 french  engneer died,and  25 others.

And recently in holiday inn , a sucide  bomb attack in lahore and 22 people died,and u knw  me and usman with his frnd and family were  going there and b/c of lahore tarffic we were late and thnx to GOD .b/c of tht traffic prob we are here todae.

Well , thru these things I just wanna tell u tht people say in  india all muslims must be thrown out of india.hmm well wat can we say abt it,

U know u guies are lucky there in india, u know after 11th sep the condition here gone too much bad,people are  suffering from agoraphobia, and happiness is gone an elusive  thing to find,

Just a day back I read in  an article tht 85% massess in india under poverty line.and 70% in pak.and 10 years back it was 62% in pak, see wat the hell going on here and there? I admit we both nations have hell of difference ,but this difference is not so  on immense tht we  cant solve it thru dialogue .just we need is new generation,who is more zealous, and practical than his parents.

 See in a month india did experiments  of his missile def system 5 times in  amonth.and spent millions ,the country who’s common masses are in the mouth of death b/c of scarcity of food ,and their establishemnt doing this nonsence.if indian establishment afraid of pak ,than it’s a extreme hilarious joke  for me being a pakistani lol

A country who is so big  afraid of a  small neighbour.well pak govt did nt increse his defence budget this time and decrease it.and now india shud really do some….

Anyways itsa fact tht we both nations cant come in line of devolped countries ,if we don’t give up such foolies.

Here we have so many hindu people, anda very good  hindu  judge ,a good frnd of our  family  ,,and so many other people who   are very well of here.and enjying luxrious life here.just like u say tht u know so many good muslims.hey hindu muslim is not a conflict,the conflict is lust for money,which neta’s of ind n pak have.

Im so happy to know tht  new generation is  really more  sensible .than his elders. On both sides.

Economic situation  here so dire.but new people really so assimilative here but no opportunities here for tham.people who are spending so money on their study  for wat they  know in future  no  finacilly secure future see so agonized  students.

Well  those people who say tht politics isa dirty thing and its uselss to talk abt it ,and we cant do anythng they are ona blunder, such people must know tht people who don’t have so much dreams they don’t have actual to get.life is an opportunity and every one shud avail it with all good things which are available  I nworld.

Well im  trying to finish up my finals here,and I have alos joined  a trust  named by zindagi,to educate children  and we also give them money so they can live with lil ease.

We are trying to eradicate corruption thru this trust.

Anyways if I keep on writing than ……..i hope u wont get anything wrong.

I just tried to make my point clear tht wat I think.

waiting for ur reply.

C ya soon.

Take care…….maha