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����������� 2nd Feb 2002.


M and K Travels,

Fairfield CA, 94533

Ph: 707-425-5000


Subject: Compensation for damage caused due to your negligence.


Dear Manager,


I had booked a return ticket from SFO to Mumbai through your San Jose office. The return journey was supposed to be on 12th Jan and the ticket said confirmed. I stay 200km from Mumbai at Nasik, when I reached the airport and checked-in I was told by the airline that my ticket is on waitlist. They didn�t know how the agent had given me a confirmed ticket! I was in total despair and so was my family we had come all the way from 200km to know about this at 2.00am in night!! Singapore airlines told me to contact their office for re-booking on Monday (2 days later!) and the other option was to come at airport and check if I had any luck. For next 4 days I was talking with airlines just to be told that my itinerary is impossible for their flights at this point as my China Air has no office in India. Meanwhile when I had contacted M and K travels in US only to be told that they are working on my ticket. This entire experience was totally outrageous and full of agony.


I had already missed a week of my classes at UC Santa Cruz. I didn�t want to lose my quarter and scholarship; I purchased a new ticket and got to US, seven days late than what I had expected!


I had spoken to M and K travels owner Mr. Paul about this around 20 Jan. He accepted that some of employees at San Jose office where negligent and have been fired. However doesn�t diminish the order of pain, agony, financial and academic lose I have undergone.


In good faith I expect the agency to at least compensate the financial losses ($1085, see attached claims) I have undergone. My attorney service gives me an option of Small Courts Law Suit for at least $5000 or work on a bigger suit for the Superior Court but after talking to Mr. Paul I feel that the agency understands what has happened. I�m also restraining from any negative publicity and consumer awareness measures about the agency at the moment.


I hope that this will be resolved amicably by the agency as quickly as possible and prevent any further complications.



Vaibhav Bhandari,

CC: 1. Lawyer Referral Services
����������� P.O. Box 1311
����������� Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1311
����������� 408-425-4755.

������� 2. Conflict Resolution Center
4067 Cory St #3
Soquel, CA 95073

����������� 831-475-6117


(all amounts have been rounded to nearest lower figure):

1. New Ticket (receipt enclosed):������������������������������������������������������������ Rs. 30,000 ($600)

2. Mumbai to Nasik Tata Sumo Rental Fare:������������������������������������������� Rs.3,000 ($60)

3. University Fine for Being Late (receipt enclosed):������������������������������ Rs.�� 2,500 ($ 50)

4. Health Center Missed Appointment Fee:��������������������������������������������� Rs.�� 1,250 ($ 25)

5. RA Salary Compensation for 5 days:��������������������������� ������������������������Rs. 17,500 ($350)


�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Total:�� Rs. 54,250 ($1085)


Please Note:that I�m not claiming for various other miscellaneous expenses I had to bear with over the period of seven days, for lost opportunity and missed deadlines at work leading to adverse effect on my employment and studies.


1. Original ticket. (Mumbai � San Francisco)
2. Photocopy of the bill for new ticket.
3. Photocopy of University Fine receipt.