DC Times

Washington, 27 (Routers):

This is the our awe-time correspondent reporting about
the difference of the War Against Terrorism on the two
coasts of America. The west coast (were i had
oppurtunity to sejour until now!) believes honking
should be seldom and rules to be followed while the
shuttle which drove me from airport honked N times
restlessly changing lanes to seek the terrorists along
the neat and clean roads. You know i had to TAKE CARE
of the baggage guy $5 chai-pani only. It seems honking
in DC is not a rare phenomena neither is J-walking.
Ooo yes the terrorists are been drawn out of the place
by spitting another non-rare occurence. DC seems much
more like amchi-Mumbai and the place is happening
constantly ticking around the underground METRO, much
like our locals!! Great crowd (yes i mean many
pleasing people) around in this lively place. In a day
i experienced intense heat, humidity and cool
showers!! Seems lot more to exciting stuff in the
place. Hoping to have a great somemore time in next
few months.

routed by,